The PR Team

With over 20 years combined experience, we have an acute understanding of the unique PR requirements within the health, fitness and wellbeing arenas. We bring a level of experience, expertise and results that are proven within this sector of the industry.

Sig Watkins, Director

Sig Watkins started her career at Holmes and Marchant PR, where her campaigns included Highland Spring, Heinz and Tetra Pak. In 2001 she joined Talk Loud PR where she masterminded DVD launches for entertainment personalities including George Best, Dannii Minogue and Pinky and Perky at the Edinburgh Festival.

Sig founded Fit PR in 2007 and since then she has enabled numerous health and fitness brands to take their message to a wider audience. Past and present clients include My Food, Adventures in the Alps, Face Matters, celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza and Body in Balance TV.

During the 2012 London Olympics, Sig was Chief Liaison Officer for Tennis, managing the broadcast areas throughout the event.

Aimee Hartley, Director

Aimee Hartley’s PR career started in 2000, at Paragon Golin Harris. Soon after she was headhunted by youth entertainment Talk Loud PR, where she worked with a dynamic team implementing product launches, events and PR stunts for a diverse range of clients including Autotrader, Disney Interactive, Harper Collins and Hasbro Toys.

In 2006 Aimee trained as a yoga teacher, which brought her into contact with leading practitioners in the health and wellbeing arena. It quickly became apparent that the needs of natural health practitioners were not being serviced by the PR industry, and Aimee developed a vision to change that.

Fit PR was a natural launch pad for her vision, and over the past four years Sig and Aimee have built one of the leading fitness and wellbeing PR agencies operating in the UK today. Aimee’s past and present clients include Breath Guru, Evolve Wellness Centre, The Special Yoga Centre, Kinesis Studios and Body and Balance TV.

Vicky Hadley, Account Manager

Vicky Hadley is the latest edition to our PR team, with a strong skill in journalism and blogging Vicky has been featured in the mail online as well as numerous other online magazines and blogs. Vicky has great connections in the journalism world as well as being very well equipped in social media management and marketing awareness. Sig and Vicky work very closely together with numerous clients when a joint PR and blogging operation is required.

Vicky, having only recently started her career in PR, has secured clients positions in newspapers in the UK and internationally. She is a huge health, fitness and yoga enthusiast who will continuously create inspiring material for clients through the means of blogging, PR, social media engagement and event planning.