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Ramona Braganza - Celebrity Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer to celebrities including Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway, Ramona drew on her experience as a competitive gymnast, fitness contestant and NFL cheerleader to devise her 321 training method. The method enables clients to craft amazing bodies with limited time and equipment, in conjunction with Ramona’s emphasis on wellness of mind and peace of spirit.

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Paul Sampson - Personal Trainer

Paul is an ex-professional rugby player and director of the International Training Club. A former England winger, today Paul plays with championship side London Welsh. It was Paul’s fascination with the physical demands of rugby that lead him to consider the importance of training and recovery information being accessible to a wider audience, and the ITC has recently joined forces with YMCAfit to provide sports professionals with fitness training qualifications.

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FitPR - Amanda Owen

Amanda Owens - Sports Psychologist

Amanda Owens is one of the UK’s foremost sports psychologists, holding the highest qualification within sports psychology (BASES Accredited Sport Psychologist). A member of the British Olympic Association Advisory Panel, Amanda works with Junior, International, Olympic, Professional and World Class/Elite individuals and teams.
Amanda entered the area of sport psychology from a coaching background and is a former International GB tennis player. She utilizes effective sport psychology techniques in both sporting and business environments.

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Sam Warrington - Personal Trainer

Specialising in outdoor fitness, Sam is the founder of SW fitness, whose progressive approach to fitness provide challenging, effective and fun workouts in a dynamic, group outdoor environment. Having competed at a semi-professional level in both rugby and rowing, Sam heads up a team of trainers for SW fitness and is perfectly positioned to train both professional and amateur athletes to enable them to achieve their highest goals.

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George Stoy - Surf and Ski instructor

The founder of George’s Surf School in Polzeath, Cornwall, George is a professional surf and ski coach with 17 years’ coaching experience and a high performance background. George divides his time between coaching, providing avalanche awareness education and training and qualifying instructors. He is on the coaching and accreditation committee for British surfing and in addition to his technical knowledge and specialised courses, George is regarded for his cultural and historical knowledge of surfing.

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Melissa Cosby – Gyrotonic and Pilates Instructor

Melissa Cosby – Celebrity Pilates Teacher

As the founder of Kinesis Studios, Melissa has formulated a mind and body training experience that innovates in and beyond the disciplines of yoga, Pilates and Gyrotonic. Melissa is passionate about how people move, and is dedicated to supporting her clients’ movement in a way that is pain-free, that enables them to look good, to be graceful in their bodies and to express themselves.

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Rob Bullen - GB Alpine Ski Team

Rob Bullen is a British alpine ski racer with the GB Alpine Ski Team, he has titles in slalom and giant slalom events. Rob has been awarded the Warburton’s Lancashire Rising Star Fund and is supported by the Bentrendgetinvolved Foundation, Inspired Energy Plc and Dancerace Plc. Rob has spoken publicly about psychology in ski racing, an area in which he has been coached by sports psychologist Amanda Owens. www.robertbullen.co.uk

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Rebecca Romero - Triathlon Coach

Already an Olympic silver medallist and World Champion in the sport of rowing, Rebecca took up cycling with the aim of achieving the same elite standard. In a rapid rise through the ranks in track cycling she shattered British records and became double World Champion and Olympic Champion. Rebecca has a BSc in Sports Science, a diploma in Marketing Communications and is currently studying for an MSc in Exercise and Nutrition Science. She is also a Level 1 Triathlon coach.

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Aliona Vilani – Dancer

In 2011 and 2012 Aliona won UK’s “Strictly Come Dancing” Live Arena Tour as well as the “Strictly Come Dancing” TV show season. She runs Dance Fitness weeks for Adventures in the Alps.
Aliona started her TV career in “Dancing With The Stars” Arena Tour in the US and made 3 guest appearances as a guest professional dancer on Dancing With The Stars Season 8 in Hollywood, during which she was invited by the BBC to be a part of Strictly Come Dancing TV show and Live Arena Tours. Aliona first starred in the UK’s biggest show “Strictly Come Dancing” TV show in Season 7.

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Esther Kufrin – BARREtoned Director & Instructor

While working as an attorney at law in New York, Esther tried her first barre class, which ultimately led the path for a new career: From one "bar" to another "barre". She became increasingly interested in barre exercise, tried different barre variations and brands all over the US and became an instructor in Chicago. When Esther moved to London with her husband Brandon, there was no way she was going to give up her teaching and the passion for the barre. She quickly realized that no similar method existed in London and saw the unique opportunity to start her own business by creating BARREtoned Notting Hill which opened in April 2013.

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Katharina Klaus – BARREtoned Director & Instructor

Katharina had tried a variety of workouts before she discovered barre exercises in the US. She was amazed by the quick results they produced and how they improved her overall wellbeing. While working in New York as a Marketing Manager, she trained extensively in barre exercises and eventually decided to become a teacher with the goal of opening her own studio. As her friend Esther shared the same dream, the two of them teamed up to open Europe’s first BARREtoned Studio in London. Read more at www.barretoned.com .

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Matt Hodges - REP Level 3 personal trainer

Leading London PT specialising in body transformations with a cutting edge service called The MPH Method, which compliments his bespoke personal training. His method involves Hormone Testing to work out the most effective way to achieve a client's goal in a healthy way. Matt has also appeared as a fitness model in a number of male publications and has been an actor on EastEnders, he's a great all round athlete and has a wealth of high net worth clients. Matt has a wealth of editorial content available upon request.

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