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FitPR-Natural Health Experts

Fit PR's Natural Health Experts

Enrich your story - Get facts from experts - Hear Industry Views

  • Providing experts for any health and fitness news stories
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  • Broadcast interview appearances for health and fitness angles

JO MANUEL – Founder of Special Yoga Centre

Jo Manuel - Yoga Therapist for Children

Jo Manuel is the UK’s leading yoga therapist for children with an emphasis on children with special needs including Asperges, ADHD, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, as well as adults with conditions including depression and MS. She is available for comment on articles with a focus on children’s health, yoga and special needs.

Expert Comments

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Sybille Gebhardt – Yoga Therapist & Naturopath

Sybille Gebhardt - Yoga Teacher and Naturopath

Sybille is a naturopath and yoga teacher. A former model, Sybille was delighted to discover how yoga combined with a naturopathic approach dramatically improved both her internal outlook and her body. Her first DVD ‘Total Body Cleanse‘ launches in January, and in addition to her London workshops and private classes, Sybille provides health, fitness and nutritional advice to models, drawing on her personal experience of their industry.

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Melissa Cosby – Gyrotonic and Pilates Instructor

Melissa Cosby - Pilates and Gyrotonic Teacher

As the founder of Kinesis Studios, Melissa has formulated a mind and body training experience that innovates in and beyond the disciplines of yoga, pilates and gyrotonic. Melissa is passionate about how people move, and how a dynamic, responsive training experience can be tailored to the individual. Melissa is wholly dedicated to supporting her clients’ movement in a way that is pain-free, enabling them to look good, be graceful in their bodies and express themselves.

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ALAN DOLAN – Breathing Therapist

Alan Dolan - Transformational Breath Therapist

Widely known as the ‘Breath Guru’, Alan is a Transformational Breath therapist. Transformational Breath is a powerful healing technique that supports full access of the respiratory system, mental and emotional clarity as well as improved health and wellbeing. Alan is highly regarded for his 1:1 breath sessions, his comprehensive understanding of the power of the breath and how it can improve one’s skin, digestive system and overall health and beauty.

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Sally Curson - Facematters Skincare

Sally Curson - Beauty Therapist

Sally is a beauty therapist with over 20 years experience and a lifelong passion for skincare and beauty. After working with Thalgo and Aveda, Sally became the resident beauty therapist for Long Barn, a lavender based range of skincare products, where she developed the much lauded Floral Facial based on botanical oils, before exploring the field of collagen and anti-ageing. In 2012 Sally launched her first commercial line of products entitled ‘Face Matters’, that combine natural products with pure mineral collagen.

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Rachel Glendinning Grinberg Method

Rachel Glendinning - Grinberg Method Practitioner

Rachel is a practitioner of The Grinberg Method, an educational method that teaches through the body, enabling people to effect change in their life. A qualified yoga teacher with over 5 years’ experience working 1:1 with clients, Rachel has an instinctive approach to the healing process. The Grinberg Method can improve posture, enhance one’s inner glow and shake off emotional baggage. Rachel’s treatment practice is in Bloomsbury, London, where her clients include the actress Sadie Frost.

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Katrin Hempel - Harley Street Naturopath

Katrin Hempel - Naturopath and Acupuncturist

Katrin is a Naturopath and Acupuncturist. A qualified biomedical scientist, Katrin combines her fascination with science with a passion for natural medicine. She is trained in a range of natural therapies including blood analysis, iridology, biopuncture and acupuncture. Katrin’s treatments include Sanguinum - the specialised weight loss programme of which Channel 4‘s Anna Richardson is a fan - the vitamin facelift and live blood analysis.

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Ralf Marzen – Director of StillPoint Meditation and Therapy Centre

Ralf Marzen - Thai Yoga Massage Teacher

Ralf is founding director of StillPoint Meditation and Therapy Centre, London, and the Mudita School of Thai yoga massage. With over 10 years’ experience teaching meditation and Thai massage, Ralf is a highly experienced therapist and hundreds of students have benefitted from his teachings.

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Becca Harrison – Make-up Artist

Becca is a make-up artist with a difference. Having seen the powerful and transformative effect good make-up and skincare can have, Becca’s draws on 11 years’ experience to inspire women from all walks of life.
In 2009 Becca developed The Aphrodite Sessions, confidence building sessions that empower women in their appearance. She has worked with many publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, as well as famous faces including Emma Watson, Annie Lennox and Natasha McElhone. Becca is a yoga teacher and reiki and indian head massage therapist.

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Emma Toynbee – Psychic and Clairvoyant

Emma Toynbee – Psychic and Tutor

Emma is a professional clairvoyant psychic, metaphysician and tutor at the London College of psychic studies whose specialist knowledge includes clairvoyance, psychic mediumship, psychic flow yoga, out-of-body experience, past lives, psychometry and astrology. Emma runs a London practice where she offers 1:1 readings and training, and regularly makes appearances at high profile events as a psychic reader and seminar host.

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Denisa Denova - Yoga and Kung Fu Expert

Denisa Nenova - Yoga and Kung Fu expert

Denisa is a highly regarded yoga teacher based in London, with a strong background in 1:1 special yoga therapy with children, as well as a host of corporate yoga clients such as The Telegraph and Southbank House. She is also highly skilled in Weapon, Qi Gong and Tai Chi Kung Fu forms and has an interest in Budhism. She is available for interviews and feature contact on any of these areas.

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